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As of June 2021, the Brampton Environmental Alliance (BEA) is the new not-for-profit organization replacing the City of Brampton’s Grow Green Network. Being independent from the City of Brampton gives us the freedom to advocate for important environmental issues while still maintaining a positive and constructive relationship with Brampton City staff and Council.

The BEA is a Brampton wide network of organizations, community groups and individuals that envision Brampton growing as a sustainable community, one that is healthy and resilient environmentally, socially and economically.

The BEA believes in and supports the ONE PLANET framework, ten simple principles that cover all aspects of social environmental and economic sustainability.


The BEA is action and results oriented, by setting aggressive yet achievable goals. Focus is key to generating results, which is why for the balance of this year and 2022, the focus is primarily on three One Planet principles: Land and Nature, Culture and Community, Travel and Transport.

Alliance members work to support member organizations in their work and to catalyze collaboration and community advocacy on the most pressing environmentally focused community issues as selected by the group.

  • The Alliance helps organizations access funding
  • The Alliance strives to provide a one-stop portal for residents, businesses, and employees to be informed of and become involved with environmental issues that affect our City
  • The Alliance helps coordinate and amplify community advocacy campaigns and environmental initiatives under the three One Planet principles

BEA meetings are held every other month, and replace Grow Green Network meetings. Sub-committees meet more informally and as often as is deemed necessary.

Become a member of the Brampton Environmental Alliance as an individual, a group or an organization. Add to your knowledge, build your capacity, expand your reach. Together we can make Brampton a Sustainable Community!

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BEA Logo

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BEA Vision

Brampton (Ontario Canada) is a sustainable community that is environmentally, socially and economically healthy and resilient.

BEA Mission

The Brampton Environmental Alliance will advocate for, develop and support, collective actions including public engagement and education programs to make Brampton a more sustainable community.

What does the BEA DO?

Advocacy – The BEA advocates on behalf of issues and priorities that affect Brampton’s environmental sustainability

Events – The BEA organizes and supports events that enhance environmental awareness and engagement

Education and Resources – The BEA develops and shares information and resources amongst BEA members, both organizations and individuals

Collaboration and Networking – The BEA facilitates cooperation, communication and exchange of knowledge amongst BEA members, both organizations and individuals

Advocacy Campaigns

The BEA advocates for actions, programs, events and activities that will move the City of Brampton along on its path to being a Sustainable Community. An Advocacy sub-committee meets from time to time to review opportunities where the BEA can make a difference and coordinates an advocacy campaign. Minutes of the Advocacy Sub-committee can be reviewed here.

Check out our current campaigns and help the cause.

2022 Municipal Election

The goal of the Brampton Environmental Alliance is for Brampton to grow as a sustainable communityhealthy and resilient, economically, socially and environmentally, where everyone, everywhere lives happy, healthy lives within the limits of the planet, leaving space for nature. This is One Planet Living, and we believe it’s achievable. We believe City residents should elect a Mayor, Councillors and Trustees who share this vision. 

The BEA sent surveys to Mayoral, Regional Council, City Council and School Board Trustee candidates asking them to state their position on issues related to One-Planet Living principles affecting the City of Brampton. See how the candidates, responded to those questions. Check back often for updates. If your candidates haven’t responded, reach out to them and ask why not. After all, our future is at stake.

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