Bill 23 means Brampton residents will be paying much higher property taxes

In last week’s blog, I indicated Bill 23, the Provincial Government’s Building New Homes Faster Act 2022 would mean higher taxes for Brampton property owners. The Bill was passed by the Ontario legislature on Monday. Brampton staff have been working hard to analyse the bill and now the extent of the impact is emerging.

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Ford’s Bill 23 will mean higher property taxes for existing Brampton homeowners

Greenbelt Sprawl

If you are a residential property owner in Peel Region, then you will be paying more property tax in the coming years if the Provincial Government’s Bill 23, New Homes Built Faster Act is passed by the Ontario legislature. Bill 23 is the Ontario Government’s response to home affordability. It is intended to make it easier and more profitable for developers to build new housing. The logic is that increased supply will reduce the pressure that is driving up home prices. This makes sense on the surface. But there are huge implications and unintended consequences of the approach this legislation is using to achieve the government’s aim.

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We need you to speak out against Bill 23

David Laing speaking on Bill 23 at the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy on November 10, 2022

Yesterday I had the privilege to present to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy regarding Bill 23 More Homes Built Faster Act 2022 that is currently in second reading at the Ontario Legislature.

As stated in a previous article this Bill, unless substantially altered, has the potential to inflict massive environmental damage on communities all across this province but especially on those in the greater Toronto area. Below is the text of my opening remarks to the Committee. If you are like me and believe in building communities that are healthy and happy through environmental, social and economic sustainability, then I urge you to let your MPP know that Bill 23 needs a significant overhaul. An easy way to do that is through the David Suzuki Foundation’s letter campaign.

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Bill 23, an attack on a Sustainable Brampton

Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act is the Ontario Government’s latest omnibus bill that is being fast tracked through the Provincial legislature. Purportedly designed to reduce red tape and allow developers to build 1.5 Million homes over the next 10 years, this bill proposes sweeping changes to multiple provincial statutes in support of the government’s “Housing Supply Action Plan”.

There are a few positive aspects to Bill 23 including:

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BEA Annual Meeting Registration is Open

BEA Annual Meeting

The next meeting of the Brampton Environmental Alliance has been rescheduled for January 11th, 2023. This allows the Board and Treasurer to produce a complete year end review and report. It will be a hybrid meeting starting at 7:00pm running ’til 9:00pm. Register to attend through Eventbrite. It is our first ever Annual General Meeting. Everyone is welcome to observe.

Voting members have the opportunity to define organizational priorities for 2023, to review and approve the Treasurer’s Report, to vote on meeting schedule, and to select Board members. Individual annual memberships are only $15.00. Organizational memberships are $20.00. Membership fees are used to purchase insurance for our member and advocacy events and for things like hiring student interns to help run campaigns.

Nominations are open for all Board positions. As this is the first AGM, we are electing all Board positions. We are an operational volunteer Board. Time commitment typically is a few hours per month. You may nominate yourself or another individual. Visit the Executive Team – BEA page for information on Board positions and to submit nominations.