BEA Unveils “Rooted in Hope” Project

The Brampton Environmental Alliance (BEA) is pleased to officially announce, the “Rooted in Hope” project now being delivered by members of the BEA with financial support through the Ontario Seniors Community Grant Program.

The project involves seniors and high school students working together for 3 tree planting sessions in September 2023. Once the trees are planted, the groups will monitor their health, and the health of urban forests near their schools, in alignment with the objectives identified in Brampton’s Urban Forest Management Plan. Participants will learn data analysis and the practical application of biology, chemistry, and statistics. Both students and seniors will emphasize the use of sustainable transportation to get to the tree-planting and monitoring sites.

Tree monitoring training will be provided by the Association of Canadian Educational
Resources, (ACER). Bicycle skills and safety training will be provided by the Brampton Bike
Hub. The project runs from the fall of 2023 to the spring of 2024 and is designed to be self-sustaining beyond that point with student and senior trainers providing training to the next cohort of volunteers in the spring of 2024 with ACER’s help.

“We are really excited to be launching this initiative. This project is designed to create intergenerational cooperation between seniors and youth, to reduce seniors’ isolation through community connection, to encourage seniors’ entrepreneurialism and volunteerism, and to teach both seniors and youth about the importance of trees, tree planting and tree health.”

David Laing – President, Brampton Environmental Alliance

“The Rooted in Hope project is great news for the seniors of Brampton North. This program will deliver on our government’s focus of keeping seniors safe, healthy, active, and connected to families and friends in their communities while they support our beautiful local ecosystem.”

Graham McGregor, MPP for Brampton North

“This project is great news for seniors in Brampton. By connecting local organizations to seniors, you are helping seniors stay fit, active, healthy, and socially connected close to home”.

Raymond Cho, Ontario’s Minister for Seniors, and Accessibility

For more information or join the project, send email to:

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