Brampton to Become the First Litter-free City in Canada!

On June 7th, 2023, Brampton Committee of Council approved a motion directing staff to make Brampton the first litter-free City in Canada. Achieving this objective will be a monumental task involving the entire community.

The Community Safety & Well-Being Office is holding a forum next Tuesday September 19th to raise awareness of the effects of litter, and create a charter with actions for all participants to reduce litter. The Brampton Environmental Alliance has been invited to be a participant along with businesses, conservation authorities, park sponsors, places of worship, government officials, community organizations, and other interested parties.

We would like your feedback on how to solve this unsightly and potentially unhealthy problem in our city. The following survey will take just a few minutes to complete and your answers will help inform our position and suggestions to the group. Please take a minute to complete the survey. It’s anonymous.

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