Achēv EcoSphere conference & job fair

On Saturday March 30th, the BEA participated in the Achēv Eco-Sphere environmental conference & job fair which was aimed at raising awareness about sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

MP Brampton Centre Shafiq Ali presents at the EcoSphere conference

The event featured engaging speakers including, Shafqat Ali, MP for Brampton Centre, Paloma D’Silva, a recently graduated environmental data management specialist from Mississauga, Miranda Bhaksh, founder of Community Climate Council and recently named one of the Top 30 Changemakers under 30. I was honoured to also be included on the list of guest presenters.

The presentation sessions were followed by an environmental marketplace and job fair where attendees could learn about environmental solution as well as available job opportunities.

Rajbalinder Ghatoura and Dayle Laing at the BEA table

The BEA table was staffed by Board members Dayle Laing and Rajbalinder Ghatoura. It was a great opportunity to speak to young people about environmental activism and to learn about them and their search for employment in different environmental fields. We met folks who were just graduating from high-school as well as those with Masters and Phd degrees. All were impressive.

Achēv offers a range of employment and skills services, catering particularly to new Canadians. Their Empower Youth for Engagement (EYE) program provides skills and confidence to young women, aged 16 to 29. EYE participants organized and delivered the event. Through community engagement and the development of transferrable skills this program will create the impactful leaders of tomorrow.

Achēv has grown to become one of the largest providers of employment, newcomer, language, youth, women, and inclusion services in the Greater Toronto Area. They operate out of locations in Mississauga and Brampton. Learn more.

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