BEA May 2024 Past Events

May has been a busy for BEA involvement in environmental events.

On Saturday May 11th, the BEA participated in Reconnect Brampton’s Clothing Swap. Remember that most of our clothes today are made of plastic. Fabrics such as Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, and many other man-made products are derived from fossil fuels. Keeping these clothes in circulation rather than having them become garbage in landfill is very important. These fabrics take decades to break down in the environment but when they do, they end up as microplastic pieces that travel by water and air all over the world and are now ending up in almost every living organism including unborn babies.

Canada alone dumps 500 MILLION kilograms of clothing into landfills each year! Clothes swapping is a far better alternative that saves money and contributes to a healthier planet! If you missed the event but please visit Restyle Boutique – a local family-owned clothing store that sells chic lightly used items.

On May 23rd, BEA members Polly, Harry, Dayle and David attended a Pollinator Habitat In-fill Project hosted by the City of Brampton.

Native pollinator plants are beneficial in attracting and nourishing insects and small animals which in turn support food production for us. Pollinator gardens also contribute to biodiversity which makes our grasslands drought resistant and more adaptable to the effects of climate change.

Also check out the Instagram series on pollinators produced by Dayle and Stacey using Bob Noble’s brilliant photographs, .

On May 26th, BEA members David and Dayle attended a tree planting event at Laidlaw Park hosted by Credit Valley Conservation Authority. It had been raining that morning but the rain stopped just as we arrived at the Park. Here’s a group photo of the planting crew.

Lindsay Jennings from CVC demonstrating proper planting technique

Selfie of Dayle and me showing our newly planted tree

You can see the three trees we planted before we had to leave

From Laidlaw Park, Dayle and I headed to Chingucousy Park for Bikefest. As we rode east it started to rain again. We stopped to put on our rain gear. Good thing too because a few minutes later the heavens opened. We didn’t take any pictures at Bikefest, it was that wet and cold. Councillor Santos braved the weather but she and Councillor Power were among the few. Thanks to staff and volunteers who put a lot of effort into making the day a success anyway. Here is the City’s Instagram post of the event.

Bikefest is the kickoff of the City’s Bike Month activities. One of the highlights of Bike Month is the Bike the Creek cycling event. The rides start and end at Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre. This year is the 10th anniversary of this free, family oriented event which takes place June 8th. Check out for more information and to register.

The final event for the month was the Peel Council on Aging summit that took place on May 29th at the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre in Mississauga. Polly and Rosemary attended on behalf of the BEA and Sierra Club Peel.

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