BEA and Partners to Deliver Summer Programming

Brampton Bike Hub pop up at Bramalea Secondary School
Post Author: Cindy Evans

This summer, with financial support from TRCA’s “Building a Healthy and Connected Bramalea” project, the BEA is providing 3 programs to the residents of Brampton – specifically aimed at engaging residents living in the E,F and K sections of Bramalea. This area has been highlighted as part of TRCA’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP). The objective of Bramalea SNAP is to foster neighbourhood revitalization that integrates local community interests and sustainability objectives under the overarching theme of working together for a green, healthy, and welcoming Bramalea SNAP neighbourhood.

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Heat Pump Chronicles Vol. 7

This is the seventh in a series of posts on our journey to navigate government grants and loans available for home energy retrofits and to replace our natural gas furnace with a cold-climate heat pump. Click here to see all articles in the series .

“The cheque is in the mail”. That’s what Kirby, Enbridge’s Customer Service agent might as well have said to me. I was speaking with him on February 6th, 2024, four months after we installed our Mitsubishi Zuba cold-climate heat pump.

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Your Washing Machine has a Dirty Secret

Woman smelling clothes fresh from the laundry

The smell of clean clothes pulled from the dryer, may rival that of brewing coffee or freshly baked bread as a “comfort” aroma. Of course that excludes clothes that have been soaked in fabric softener or dried with dryer sheets for that is both a personal and an environmental turnoff subject to an article for another day. Beyond that though, we all want to wear freshly laundered clothes. Most of us wear our clothes only once before tossing them in the wash basket. And more than 60% of the clothing we wear is made from synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels. Aka, it’s made of plastic!

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