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Open Letter to Brampton Council

Now is the time for Brampton to take bold action on the environment
The Brampton Environmental Alliance is sending an open letter to Brampton Council to fund and prioritize the City's grow green initiatives.We want your name included. Click here to read the letter and add your name and or your organization's name to the list of signatories. Please do it as soon as you can, budget deliberations start November 15.

The UN Climate Conference (COP 26) is coming to a close. Over the past two weeks, leaders from around the globe have made aggressive commitments to curb carbon emissions in their home countries. Cities are where the bulk of our population lives and where the majority of greenhouse gases are produced. So, much of the real work in meeting those leaders' commitments will now be left to cities like Brampton.
As we emerge from almost 2-years of COVID lockdowns, our economic recovery must be based on a sustainable environmental future to avoid climate catastrophe. Brampton has a plan, now Council must continue the commitment to its implementation and fund the necessary programs in 2022 and beyond. Please sign the letter now to tell our Mayor and Council this is important!