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BEA In-person Outdoor Meeting

Saturday August 27th, 1:30-2:00pm
This Saturday will be another unusual and exciting BEA meeting. Once again the meeting will out of doors and in person. Once again It will be preceded by a free lunch. And we guarantee the weather will be warmer than our last in-person meeting in April.
If you are new to the BEA no worries. The meeting is free and there's no obligation. We look forward to "meeting" you!!

Location: Greenspace behind 4&10 Knightsbridge Rd.
Picnic starts at 12:00pm
BEA meeting at 1:30pm
1.The Litter project - aims and progress so far. -Saptha, Stacey
2.BEA memberships update - Rajbalinder
3.BEA Plans & Progress -Harry
4. BEA members forum - discussion
Parking is very limited. Consider coming by bike.
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