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BEA Looking forward to 2022!

Sad to say our environment is under siege. Floods, fires, droughts, indiscriminate use of pesticides, litter in our parks, inappropriate development, over use of ice melt salt, improper resource extraction, carbon pollution. We've experienced all these and more in Brampton over the past year. For those of us who are passionate and concerned about local environmental issues, life can sometimes be overwhelming.
As 2021 winds to a close let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, this past year, of the Grow Green Network now independent of the city and now known as the Brampton Environmental Alliance. The intent of the BEA is to allow individuals and organizations to increase collective impact and amplify collective voices to move our City swiftly forward on the path towards environmental sustainability. Creating action puts us more in charge of our own destiny and helps relieve anxiety and the feeling of loss of control.
Despite COVID, I'm pleased with our progress so far. In less than a year, we've successfully created our own not-for-profit organization. We've had six great networking sessions, highlighted environmental organizations and brought many environmental issues into sharp focus. Perhaps most importantly we have connected people and organizations together to cooperate on environmental events and campaigns.
The year ahead promises both challenge and opportunity. A provincial election this coming summer and a municipal election in the fall provide opportunities to raise environmental issues and nudge political leaders towards stronger environmental commitments. Our challenge is that other issues such as the COVID economic recovery, inflationary pricing and affordable housing, will vie for public and political attention. Our message must be clear that economic and social stability is possible because of the ecosystem services that only healthy biodiverse wetlands, rivers, lakes, forests and soils can provide. Economic and population growth can be accommodated as long as equal consideration is given to preserving and enhancing existing eco-systems. Without that, we eventually spin out of balance and out of control.
Over the next year your BEA board will be asking for your continued support in the form of time, money, services, and creative ideas. If you haven't officially joined the Alliance, please take the opportunity to do so now. We appreciate whatever you can spare. In return, we promise to work hard to keep you informed on and engaged with both the issues and potential solutions that will keep our City green and environmentally sustainable.
Have a very Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year. Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, Good Will towards All!
David Laing - BEA Acting President

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