Executive Team

President – David Laing
Vice-President/Treasurer – Harripaul Bridgemohan
Events Management – Stacey Wilson
Membership – Rajbalinder Ghatoura
Public Relations
Secretary – Dayle Laing
Community Development
Board Member(s) at Large: Debbie Valentine, Chaya Chengappa, Pauline Thornham, Steve Papagiannis, Amisha Moorjani, Isabela Hermann

The BEA Board is a strategic/operations committee, acting on behalf of its members to fulfil the direction and the agreed upon mandate of the Alliance. Board members are selected by the Board and Board positions are ratified by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

All Board members are volunteers. If you are concerned about local environmental issues, come join the team. View Board positions with job descriptions here. Please send an email with your contact information and resume.

See what Rajbalinder learned being a BEA board member as part of York University’s Student Placement Program

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BEA Logo

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