Future Meeting Agenda

The Annual General Meeting of the Brampton Environmental Alliance membership was held on March 13, 2024. Meeting summary.

Nominations for BEA Board positions are now closed. Visit the Executive Team – BEA page for information on Board positions and future opportunities to join the BEA Board.

2024 BEA Meeting Schedule

BEA Member and General Meetings

Member Meeting starts 6:30pm
General Meeting starts 7:00pm
BEA members and the public are welcome to attend. Only BEA voting members can vote. Invitations will be sent to newsletter subscribers.

Member meeting schedule will be published shortly

BEA Board Meetings

Board Meet starts 6:30pm
Members other than board members are welcome to observe board meetings. Send an email to the chair to request an invitation.

Wednesday May 29, 2024

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BEA Logo

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