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Three annual membership categories

  • Individual Membership – $15.00
  • Individual Senior or Student Membership – $10.00
  • Organizational Membership – $20.00
Membership CategoryMembership Fee
Individual Member Class A (voting)
Must be 16 years of age or older
Must attend 80% of BEA Member business meetings
Must agree to participate on at least one sub-committee
May observe BEA Board meetings, no vote
May attend BEA events
Has one vote to elect Board members
Senior or Student Member Class A (voting)
Students attending accredited school, college, university or other academic institution
Seniors must be 65 years of age or older
Has privileges and responsibilities of Class A member noted above
Organizational (corporate and non-corporate) Membership Class B Active (voting)
Allowed to publicize as BEA members
Representative(s) to attend at least 80% of BEA Member meetings
Required to participate in at least one BEA sub-committee
Has one vote to elect Board members
May observe BEA Board meetings, no vote
May attend BEA events
Organizational (corporate and non-corporate) Membership Class C Passive (non-voting)
Allowed to publicize as BEA members
May attend all BEA member meetings and events
May attend BEA Board meetings as guest only, (no vote)

Why join the Brampton Environmental Alliance?

By becoming a Brampton Environmental Alliance member, you combine your passion, talents, experience, skills and ingenuity with other members to help create and implement solutions to environmental challenges facing the City of Brampton.

  • Advocacy Power in numbers: Combining your voice with other BEA members increases the power of your advocacy. By engaging the community through our collective network and via the BEA portal, you can help set the pace and direction of Brampton’s future towards a sustainable community that is healthy and resilient economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Collaboration: You can meet new people and organizations to form partnerships and alliances that will help you achieve personal and organizational goals. Individuals can quickly become part of a team. Small org’s can collaborate on projects, access funding and expand reach/impact on projects they would not otherwise be able to facilitate. Large organizations can benefit from grassroots feedback and access to volunteer resources.
  • Action: Individuals can connect with existing environmentally mandated org’s in Brampton through one convenient portal-stay up to date on current events and campaigns, connect with opportunities to volunteer in large and small scale projects, join existing org’s, participate in opportunities to gain knowledge about the local environment and projects to protect/restore in the community and in their own yards!
  • Resources: The Alliance shares information and resources amongst its members. Learn about the latest technical advances affecting environmental issues. Learn about establishing and growing a not-for-profit. Learn about marketing and business.

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Step 2: Payment Options

  • Interac E-transfer – save us the transaction fees by making an e-transfer payment via your bank to the email address,
  • Cheque
    Payable to: Brampton Environmental Alliance
    13-140 Advance Blvd
    Brampton, ON, L6T 4Z8
  • PayPal – Clicking on the “Subscribe” button below takes you to the secure PayPal website. You can pay through your PayPal account.
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